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Online Courses

Parent-Child Communication




This is a series of 13 lessons, suitable for parents of children aged 0-12.

This course hopes that through the communication in daily life, children can feel the [love] of their parents, integrate [just right education] into every parent-child dialogue, and use [scientific communication] to help each child grow up healthily , Every family is happy.

Let us grasp the right educational scale and be elegant parents.

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NancyMe亲子沟通课<br> Parent-Child Communication

Time Management for Children




This is a series of courses with a total of 13 lessons, suitable for parents of children aged 0-12.

Life is realistic, children need to grow up, and one day children need to face all kinds of problems in their lives independently. As parents, we cannot always make choices for him and bear the consequences for him.

The purpose of children’s time management is to enable children to gradually move towards “independence” and become an independent individual through the guidance and help of educated people, so that when they leave us in the future, they can be independent and achieve their own life.

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NancyMe儿童时间管理术 <br>Time Management for Children

Bilingual Course



This is a series of courses with a total of 13 lessons, suitable for parents of children aged 0-7.

This course aims to share with parents the underlying logic of language and how to teach children to learn both Chinese and English as their first language.

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NancyMe双语营<br> Bilingual Course

Financial Awareness







This is a series of courses with a total of 13 lessons.

Suitable for parents of children aged 3-12.

Financial intelligence is the ability of a person to deal with money and the wisdom of financial management.

It enables children to have the ability to correctly understand money, use money and its laws.

At present, financial quotient has become the three indispensable qualities of modern social ability, which are side by side with IQ and emotional quotient. Financial quotient education allows children to understand, understand, use, manage and create wealth from an early age, and help children establish a set of outlook on life facing material life , worldview and values.

The ability to make money is very important, and the ability to be the “master of money” is even more important!

SGD 99.00
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Nancy儿童财商课<br> Financial Awareness

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