Financial Awareness

这是一个系列课程,一共有13节课。 适合3-12岁儿童的父母。 财商就是一个人和金钱打交道的能力,是理财的智慧。 能让孩子具备正确认识金钱、使用金钱及其规律的能力。 目前财商已成为与智商,情商并列的现代社会能力三大不可或缺的素质, 财商教育让孩子从小认识理解、使用、管理和创造财富,帮助孩子建立一整套面对物质生活的人生观、世界观和价值观。 赚钱的能力很重要,成为“金钱的主人”的能力更重要! This is a crash course designed for parents of kids aged 3 to 12. The 13 lessons will last about 6 weeks and share the basics of how to assist your kids to develop their FA or money sense. FA measures the ability to obtain and manage one's wealth by understanding how money works. Financial intelligence has become the three indispensable qualities of modern social ability along with IQ and EQ!
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