Parent-Child Communication

这是一个系列课程,共13节课,适合0-12岁儿童的家长。此课程是希望通过日常生活的沟通,让孩子能够感受到父母的【爱】,能够把【刚刚好的教育】融入到每一场亲子对话中,以【科学沟通】来助力每个孩子健康成长、每个家庭其乐融融。让我们把握刚好的教育尺度,做优雅的父母。 This is a crash course designed for parents of kids aged0 to 12. The 13 lessons will last about 6 weeks and share the communication skills parents need in daily family life. We’re hoping to integrate the “Just Right for Your Kid” mentality into every parent-child dialogue, to use effective communication to ensure a happy and cheerful family environment. So that every kid can be heard, feel our love, and grow healthily, while we as parents can enjoy parenthood without constant anxiety over communication
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