Time Management for Children

这是一个系列课程,一共有13节课,适合0~12岁儿童的 家长。生活是现实的,孩子是需要成长的,总有一天孩子需要独立的去面对他们生活中的各种问题。我们作为父母,不可能永远替他做出选择,替他承担后果。儿童时间管理的宗旨,就是通过教养人的引导、帮助,使孩子能够逐渐走向【独立】,成为一个独立的个体,以便将来离开我们的时候,能够独当一面,成就自己的人生。 This is a crash course designed for parents of kids aged0 to 12. The 13 lessons will last about 6 weeks, which enables us to guide and assist our kids towards “independence". As parents, we cannot always make decisions and take responsibility for them. The course equips parents with the necessary skills to be a guiding stick and shares tips for slowly moving away from decision-making for the kids.
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